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Our Wildest Pig! 

Hagensborg Chocolates introduces our wildest pig to the herd. Our ravenous HGB-PiggyFulland gluttonous Boar is the character within the kingdom with the biggest appetite. He thrives on indulging in only the finest chocolate and ingredients and will travel to the end of the world to find what he is looking for!

During his travels the Wild Boar has discovered Sustainable Exotic Chocolate. His mission is to find the best of the Single Origin, Organic, Fair Trade chocolate, and aromatic ingredients from Small Farming communities around the world.

During the Wild Boars’ adventure to the hills of Abruzzo, Italy our Boar discovered the coveted black truffle farm. He then continued his journey to the jungles of Indonesia and uncovered a sacred family recipe involving cashews, chilies, lime and garlic.

Stay tuned to see what country our Boar visits next!

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 Have a suggestion of where our Boar should go next? and what ingredients he should look out for? We’d love to hear from you. Connect with us on Facebook and/or Twitter to share your ideas with us.

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Currently two of our Wild Boar bars are 85% Organic. Why only 85% Organic you may ask? Well, although all of the ingredients are organic without the actual certification the labeling laws do not allow you to state the product is 100% organic. Click here to Shop Organic Wild Boar

We are currently working individually with each partner to see how we can support the certification process. Although the certification process is quite lengthy and costly, and many of our small farming communities are not able to afford the certification, we are committed that one day our entire line of products will be organic certified.

Check out a blog post from our Princess herself that further describes how we work with our Cashew suppliers from Indonesia.  Keeping up with the Jones

Our mission with this category, who we are certified by…


Single-origin chocolates are purer and less processed, so you’ll get the flavors that these respective countries’ cocoa beans intended. Choose from Ecuador 39% milk chocolate, Santo Domingo 70% dark chocolate and Madagascar 64% dark chocolate.

These chocolate bars’ jungle origins inspired the Wild Boar name. These pure chocolates allow more subtle tastes to come through, such as fruit and creaminess in the Ecuador bar, acidity and red fruits in the Madagascar and strong cocoa in the Santo Domingo.

Pig Out!