Our Mission

At Hagensborg, we believe in the magic of chocolate.  We believe we are sweetening the world by making an emotional connection with everyone who enjoys our products. Hagensborg is committed to inviting all to be part of the fairy-tale of life, through childlike simplicity, playfulness, quality, authenticity, warmth and love.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

As titled The Chocolate Princess I feel it’s my responsibility and mission to; respect everyone, create magic, embrace every day in every way, appreciate all, give full-heartedly, listen a lot, help or ask for help and simplify everything.

This is our company etiquette and our mission is to sweeten the world.  Part of honoring our etiquette is; as Gandhi states “be the change”.

My goal in life is to hear the giggle of someone enjoying our chocolates knowing that the chocolate that they have enjoyed has created an emotional connection in a positive way.

Shelley Wallace, Chief Porker

 Sustainability is to Respect Everyone

Part of our etiquette is respect everyone– how we practise this is by choosing chocolate suppliers, our most used commodity, who engage in this philosophy.

Here is how our cocoa suppliers are respecting everyone by focusing on ethical trade and encouraging the following activities: helping to empower cocoa farmers, helping to ensure that children are not harmed in the cocoa farming, and empowering and engaging employees. Some examples of these practices are found in the Quality Partner Program in Côte d’ Ivoire helping growers to boost farm productivity and improve agricultural and post-harvest practices, and thereby increase their incomes. Another practice is conducting successful trials of new controlled fermentation processes to benefit farmers and cooperatives participating in a Quality Partner program. Supporting the efforts of Biolands to replicate its farmer-centric business model in Sierra Leone, engaging some 7000 farmers to supply 290 tons of cocoa in the first year of operation is another practice that our suppliers have done to help the cocoa farmers. All these practices can only be achieved by developing lasting partnerships founded on respect and trust.

Here is a link to the Quality partner program that our supplier has created.


Check out another story from one of our preferred suppliers who is committed to ensuring that cocoa is grown in a sustainable way that generates income for farmers and safeguards the environment. Click here


Fair Trade or Appreciate all

Pig5 Part of our etiquette is appreciate all.  Fair Trade means just that. Fair/appreciated. From far-away farms to your grocery store, products that bear a Fair Trade logo come from farmers and workers who are justly compensated. By helping farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses this positively influence their communities.

Hagensborg Chocolates is currently in the process of working towards Fair trade certified but in the meantime we pay fair price for all our ingredients.

We’re a small company with big dreams and little by little we are ensuring we are providing the best quality product for our customers and building a better world with our business practices.

Organic is simplifying everything.

I feel part of creating something simple means utilizing organic ingredients. A simple ingredient with fewer processes using sustainable farming is our future.

Check out a blog post from our Princess herself that further describes how we work with our Cashew suppliers from Indonesia. Click here

In the Fall of 2015 we plan of having our line of Wild Boar bars Certified Organic!  We are committed that one day our entire line of products will be organic certified.