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Why I admire Starbucks

Sustainable ChocolateAs an Entrepreneur I have to admit I think Starbucks is top notchwhen it comes to everything marketing, product quality standards and sustainability. One of the things I am most thankful to Starbucks foris, not just the high boost of caffeine in my day but the amount ofcoffee bean roasting information they provided when they started introducing their high cost of coffee.  To this day they continue to educate consumers about farming, fair-trade and sustainability.

As a chocolate company owner I feel it is part of my job to educate consumers about the cocoa that we use and where it comes from.  Every day I use Starbucks as my example.  Coffee beans and Cocoa beans are harvested in similar fashions.  At Starbucks you can get a blend of beans that they call house blend or you can buy beans from asingle region or Origin.  Cocoa is sold in the same fashion.  Most of North American chocolate is a blend from Ghana or the Ivory Coast, Origin beans are beans from a single country and sometimes a single plantation.  Therefore next time you pay over $5 for a coffee from Starbucks remember that paying $5 for a single origin chocolate bar is really the same thing.




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