awardribonOne of Hagensborg Chocolates missions is to choose sustainable suppliers…we would put Barry Callebaut at the top of the charts for sustainability!!

“The Rainforest Alliance recognizes Barry Callebaut’ s sustainability efforts!  Barry Callebaut is to be honored with prestigious “Sustainable Standard-Setter” award.”

The company is committed to ensuring that cocoa is grown in a sustainable way that generates income for farmers and safeguards the environment. Last year, Barry Callebaut accelerated its efforts with the initiation of the largest sustainability initiative, “Cocoa Horizons”. “Cocoa Horizons” is a USD 42 million cocoa sustainability initiative, which was launched as part of the company’s decision to make Sustainable Cocoa one of the four pillars of its corporate strategy. The initiative’s key goals are to further boost farm productivity, increase quality and improve family livelihoods in key cocoa producing countries over the next 10 years. Under its “Cocoa Horizons” initiative, Barry Callebaut has implemented a number of innovative programs, as for example a recent cocoa farmer training program in joint initiative with the Rainforest Alliance to help protect the Taï National Park in southwest Côte d’Ivoire.

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