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One of the biggest challenges of owning a chocolate company is always having to stay on top of what is trending in the market and creating a future trend. When I travelled to Paris, a few years ago, I was amazed to see every boutique chocolate shop showcased Single Origin chocolate. It was smooth rich delicious chocolate with nothing added but just the flavour of the cocoa from the beans in which country it was grown. I was so impressed that I found out whom the suppliers of these Single Origin chocolates were and decided to import it back to Canada. My trip to Paris started a whole new brand within the company called the Wild Boar; “Wild” as in the countries and forests that the chocolate was grown and “Boar” because the boar is the crazy side of our truffle pig, our other brand. But, when I launched the Wild Boar chocolate bar with its Single Origins it seemed the Canadian market was not ready for amazing chocolate for different countries but rather a current trend of blended chocolate featuring outrageous flavour infusions. I must admit I was really disappointed because I thought quality of the chocolate would be good enough. I started to question myself thinking maybe I had made a mistake, is our society so over stimulated and now we have to over stimulate our pallets, or am I getting old fashioned?
With that being said, I have decided to embrace the flavour concept and use an Organic chocolate for my next line of Wild Boar bars but still keeping my Single Origin chocolate bars because the chocolate is soooo good. But I have a big problem; while my intentions to have certified chocolate my factory is not certified therefore I cannot label my bars certified organic . I have also decided to work together with small farmers to create some unique flavours in the market. I have found an Indonesian family that produces an amazing cashew nut and uses a traditional recipe to spice them. The farm is small and I pay a big price to use their nuts therefore I am using fair trade practises. My big problem is that they are not organic certified because they cannot afford the certification. I have chosen to not claim the certification on the Wild Boar bar because I still want to support the farm and the family that runs it and I need to have my factory certified. My concern is that when consumers shop for chocolate are they only going to look for the certification labels of organic and fair trade?
Please remember there is a story behind every product you buy please take the time to look at the companies you buy from and what their story is, you might realize you just supported someone from across the country who really needed your help! When you enjoy our new Wild Boar bars please take the time to view the farmers on our web site coming in December 2012!

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  1. Mpume M
    Mpume M says:

    Your company makes amazing chocolates and I’m happy to discover that you use organic chocolate and while not certified are working to establish this for your company. As the owner of an eco-conscious gifting business which also designs sweet tables, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering your chocolates for as part of the all natural aspect of our sweets and am happy to support a Canadian business which is focused on finding the best and sharing it with their consumers. While not popular yet, sometimes its just a matter of time, I believe your Wild Boar bars will become as popular as the rest of the truffle line. Thank you so much for your wonderful products and I will continue to support and endorse them and look forward to more of your wonderful products! Mpume

    • shelley
      shelley says:

      Hi Mpume,

      Thank you for your comments, and for taking the time to read one of my blogs:) The encouragement and support is always welcome, as you know making a change in the world takes time!!!


  2. Doreen Pendgracs
    Doreen Pendgracs says:

    Hi Shelley: You can always put on your labels that “Wild Boar is currently working towards obtaining the ‘certified organic’ designation.” That way, a customer reading the label will know of your intentions and your efforts.

    My research into the chocolate world confirms that obtaining that designation can indeed e difficult. Good luck with it!

    • shelley
      shelley says:

      Hi Doreen,

      Thank you for your feedback, on the label I am allowed to put contains 85% Organic ingredients with the certified agent posted on the back so that is what I have done in the meantime:)


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