Princess Power!

Being a Chocolate Princess sure can be busy! Over the winter we launched our first retail store and filled it with very fancy chocolates made from the recipes I learned from Chef David Capy in France!! It has always been one of my dreams to open my own cute little retail store and be able to showcase our playful brand. I can’t believe we actually did it!

Since the store is our first “test” store, I wanted to create it in the building we currently occupy, it’s not the ideal location because there is limited parking and it’s not brick and beam, but the fact that it’s 20 feet from my desk, it has enabled me to keep up with the rest of the kingdom while piecing everything together. The best part of building the store is the fact that all the Chocolate Princesses and myself worked diligently painting, flooring and piecing together all the furniture. I think the only issue we had was that Princess Brooke broke a nail and maybe some of our wood finishing pieces aren’t exactly straight!!

Opening another chocolate shop in the Lower Mainland needed something unique therefore I decided to create different flavoured super fancy smores!! Each smore has a tiny butter wafer cookie holding a truly gourmet marshmallow drenched in the highest quality chocolate imported from France, it’s a true delight! Along with the fanciful smores we make 13 different exquisite Parisian bon bons. Each chocolate is filled with a ganache flavoured with Kalamsi fruit, crunchy hazelnuts, Blood Orange and many more!

Next month I am going to make real vanilla bean gourmet soft serve covered in our Single Origin Chocolate, I just bought the machine last week!

I would have never thought that doing all these crazy things would fill my soul so much but it truly delights me to see our customers in the store enjoying our products. This year I have one more chocolate adventure that takes me to chocolate school in Montreal. Next year I am planning to visit an Italian chocolate maker in Italy; I can’t wait to see what influences these trips will bring for Hagensborg Chocolates!

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