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Sustainable Chocolate….a big job for a little princess!

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Every day I get questions from our customers about sustainability and I thought I would dedicate this blog to informing our customers about how Hagensborg Chocolates contributes to sustainability in the cocoa industry and what our future plans are for the growing Organic Chocolate demand!

While the cocoa and chocolate industry is undergoing such transformation there is a need to take action to ensure the needs of today’s farmers as well as future generations.  Hagensborg Chocolates believes in choosing suppliers that are making a difference with these farmers.  Our suppliers are focusing on ethical trade by encouraging the following activities: helping to empower cocoa farmers, helping to ensure that children are not harmed in the cocoa farming, and empowering and engaging employees. Some examples of these practices are found  in the Quality Partner Program in Côte d’ Ivoire helping growers to boost farm productivity and improve agricultural and post-harvest practices, and thereby increase their incomes. Another practice is conducting successful trials of new controlled fermentation processes to benefit farmers and cooperatives participating in a Quality Partner program. Supporting the efforts of Biolands to replicate its farmer-centric business model in Sierra Leone, engaging some 7000 farmers to supply 290 tons of cocoa in the first year of operation is another practice that our suppliers have done to help the cocoa farmers.  All these practices can only be achieved by developing lasting partnerships founded on respect and trust.

While Hagensborg is focusing on sustainability and All Natural ingredients we are starting to turn our attention with our Wild Boar bars to Organic suppliers with the same ethical values.  It is consumers like you that hold us accountable to our mission to sweeten the world with the finest quality chocolate. We just want to take it one step further and do our part in making the world a little more resourceful.  I have to say, it’s a big job for a little princess!

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