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After flying to France last year and Montreal this year to learn the art of making chocolates, I finally put my newly learned chocolate making skills into practice.  These last two days Rose and I made hundreds of bon bons and molded chocolates from the recipes we learned on our travels for our new Wild Boar product line.  Everything from passion fruit to simple dark chocolate ganache bon bons will become a part of our fall collection.  Now with all my samples complete it’s time to get to work on the new packaging and the store front to sell them in.

For the month of June and July I plan on putting the store together so we can open before the summer ends!  I have wanted to open a store to showcase our whimsical brand for five years.  It seems that people know about us and our products but they have never been to one location that has the whole product line surrounded by the “kingdom” of Hagensborg Chocolates.  To me it’s another dream come true.  We plan on showcasing our Truffle Pig chocolate line, Single Origin Wild Boar line, and our new collection of candies, brittles and gourmet chocolate dipped candies.  We also have a fun surprise up our sleeve; a little taste of summer, which I don’t want to tell you yet.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope I can get everything done in time before the end of summer and be able to open the new store and showcase the new product line!

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  1. Sonja Mazerolle
    Sonja Mazerolle says:

    Hello Princess,
    At 50, I decided to choose happiness and quit teaching… Although this was a great passion of mine, I was starting to be totally fed up with uninterested students… So, I got myself a part time job in a great little gourmet boutique (I LOVE food, but I also am a voice coach in private..) and have just tasted your dark chocolate truffle pig… Congratulations… LOVE them. I work in Espace Gourmet in Alma, Québec and I am sampling most of their food… (hope I don’t gain too much!!) Be sure that I will be promoting your wonderful products. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Fall!!
    Sonja Mazerolle

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